Dr. Joe D’Ambrosio LMFT, PhD

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Dr. Joe D'Ambrosio LMFT, PhD

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Love is the only answer for humanity and therapy is one way to understand and live it in daily life. Relationships should be filled with passion and joy and relationships should allow growth for all parties. Whether you are married to another or in relationship with another the “other’ should be the Buddha who helps you grow into the highest expression of oneself.  I work with individuals, couples, families, including poly families, groups and businesses to achieve happiness and sustainability. Living an authentic life is not only a possibility but should be a requirement for us as humans. My work is guided by a simple theory of love that acts as a recipe with five ingredients. As humans we should strive to first, give love to another even when we know that it will result in loss to ourselves, second, we should give love to another knowing that our actions will affect others than the one we gave to, third, we should give love to another even when we know we will get nothing back in return, fourth, we should give love to another that aligns with what they need and fifth, we should give love to another that continues for a long time, even if the relationship ends. The five ingredients can be measured each day and while we may not be high on each one each day we can strive to give love that is fulfilling for oneself and another. Therapy is guided by this simple recipe and has proven to be a source of growth to my clients.


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