What is Web Therapy?


Web Therapy, online counseling, or online coaching is exactly what it sounds like, therapy and coaching  over the web. At WebTherapy.org our goal is to link you to licensed therapists, counselors and life coaches in three different ways through our providers:

1. Find a Therapist or Coach to see in office in your area with the possibility of Web Therapy when you are ready

2. Find a Therapist or Coach to see in office and also on the Web

3. Find a Therapist or Coach to see on the Web only

Why Three Ways to Find Help?

Our number one goal is to make you feel comfortable and we can best do that by offering you options. If you are most comfortable talking in an office setting we want to be able to connect you to someone who can assist you.  If you have considered Web Therapy before but are a not sure, then consider going to the office and discuss it to see if it would be a good fit for you. Or perhaps you are comfortable with the Web and are ready for online counseling, then we offer you a list of therapists and life coaches who can meet your needs.  Your comfort is our focus and we want you to find the help you are looking for in a way that best fits you.

What are the Benefits of Web Therapy?

1. The first benefit is the simple ease and comfort of sitting in your own home and speaking to one of our web therapists or coaches.

2. There is no driving, parking, or  sitting in waiting rooms.

3. Did we mention, no driving through traffic? Let’s mention that one again.

4. No one will see your car parked at a counselors office and there is no chance to accidentally bump into someone.

5. Sometimes there is fear about going to a counselor or life coach for the first time, this fear can be greatly reduced when you are in your own home or office

Will Web Therapy Help Me?

1. The contributors of WebTherapy.org are researchers, academics, and practitioners. We know the research on clinical effectiveness and the average effect size of therapy is .8.  What this means is that the average client is 80% better off after therapy than someone with a similar problem who does not seek help.  Simply put, talking to a trained professional about your problems helps.

2. Research on Web Therapy vs in office therapy is very positive and shows outcomes on par with face-to-face counseling

3. Research shows that the ability to get to actually counseling is a large contributor to change. That traffic we mentioned earlier, it can lead to reduced outcomes due to heightened stress, and most importantly missed sessions. In research this is often reflected in what is called the attrition rate or treatment consistency.

Is Web Therapy for Me?

Web therapy simplifies the ability for you to speak to a professional and receive ongoing support and there is research to support its effectiveness. Whether it is something that would be a good fit is something that we cannot answer. If you are curious about it but not sure we would suggest finding one of our providers in your area and scheduling a face-to-face appointment.  It is always possible to have face-to-face counseling only, or expand to web therapy if you choose.

How Does Web Therapy Work?

Video conferencing is used, similar to Skype or FaceTime

What do I Need?

1. A computer

2. A camera and Microphone



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