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  • Dr. Joe D'Ambrosio LMFT, PhD

    Dr. Joe D'Ambrosio LMFT, PhD

    Therapy should be an exploration of growth for individuals and families. My work is guided by the simple premise that love should guide us in all we do on earth. Too many people miss out on the passion that is ours if we just search deeply enough and believe that it is possible to achieve.

  • Jay (Tony) Hall LCSW, CEAP

    Jay (Tony) Hall LCSW, CEAP

    I am a seasoned therapist with 15 years experience respectfully helping individuals, couples, children/adolecence and families. Working both as a corporate therapist providing therapy to executives/physicians/attorneys and their families and as a private therapist, I realize everyone struggles. I provide a balance of compassion and direction. Speaking with a stranger about how your life is going, particularly if don't like where it is, can be difficult. Anyone who walks through my door has respect and together we will work on improving your situation in a compassionate and understanding manner.

  • Dr. Jon Hall LCSW, PhD

    Dr. Jon Hall LCSW, PhD

    Hi my name is Jon Hall and I am a counselor specializing in stress affecting self, relationships, and family. I am a PhD level licensed therapist and clinical supervisor.

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